The Mentors El Duce Vita

Making their DVD debut every bit as misogynistic, revolting and outright disgusting as one would expect, shock rockers the Mentors celebrate the memory of vocalist/drummer El Duce in true gutter punk style. With songs like "On The Rag,” "Golden Showers,” "Donkey Dick” and others, El Duce Vita features more bodily fluids and potty humour than a full season of Jackass. A compilation of live footage, interviews and videos culled from years of utter crap and tomfoolery collecting dust in bassist Dr. Heathen’s closet, most of the footage is deteriorating to the point where this feels like little more than a glorified bootleg. Even the bonus footage — pieces of shows from Austin and Minneapolis, circa 1991 — is shabbily filmed, features sub-par sound quality and is generally uneventful. Somehow though, this makes for one of the most amusing documents in gross-out humour this side of a junior public school playground. It is entirely in keeping with the sloppy, grimy humour and lifestyle of one of shock rock’s most underrated yet genuine heroes (MVD)