The Men's Ben Greenberg Announces New Hubble for NNA Tapes

The Men's Ben Greenberg Announces New Hubble for NNA Tapes
When Ben Greenberg isn't busy with the Men, the adventurous guitarist concocts solo work under the name Hubble. His second full-length under this banner is called Hubble Eagle, and it will be out on October 29 through NNA Tapes.

The album consists of just three tracks. The entire A-side is taken up by an acoustic number called "A Star or Two Beside," while the flip features a cover of the Kinks' "A Long Way from Home" plus the electrified title track. According to a press release, Greenberg shows off plenty of new ideas without straying too far from his man-with-guitar wheelhouse.

Below, stream his woozily atmospheric version of "A Long Way from Home." A press release explains that this "was inspired Greenberg's rigorous touring schedule on the open road with the Men. Hubble meditates on the feelings of isolation and melancholy set forth in the original song. By deconstructing the riffs and rebuilding them in the Hubble framework, the track turns into an electro-acoustic hybrid that is entirely new in sound, employing alternate tunings and adding vocals for the first time in the project's history."

Hubble Eagle:

A1. A Star or Two Beside
B1. A Long Way from Home
B2. Hubble Eagle