The Memories Attack The Memories Attack

On their second LP, Ron Bates and Chris Thompson deliver stirring sludge rock that conjures the uninhibited spirit of music made both by their contemporaries and previous bands. With Bates's work in Orange Glass and Thompson's efforts in Eric's Trip still ringing in ears across the Maritimes and beyond, it's fortunate that the two have followed up on their self-titled 2006 debut. Though the Memories Attack continue to bash their way forward with emotionally-charged, lo-fi numbers like "Go!!" and the frenetic "Collapso," there's also dynamic heart to their craft that's more overt than one might imagine. Just as "Connected" could appear on any Eric's Trip record, "Summertime" is a spacey, keyboard-driven pop experiment led by a heart-on-its-sleeve white boy vocal. Similarly, "The Raft" fucks with the formula, sparsely tackling a folk pop aesthetic that transforms itself into an explosive, distorted guitar flex without notice. Volume two in the Memories Attack discography is an impressive display of visceral, gritty rock. (Noyes/tUMULt)