Members of JR Ewing and Jaga Jazzist Return as KILLL

Members of JR Ewing and Jaga Jazzist Return as KILLL
Norway's JR Ewing and Jaga Jazzist were known for vastly different musical identities, with the former producing blistering post-hardcore and the latter offering up danceable, forward-thinking post-jazz. Since 2003, however, members of both have been tearing down sonic boundaries as members of the group KILLL.

While they've existed for upwards of eight years, KILLL have yet to offer up a proper physical release. That will change this fall, when they offer up their debut album as a CD and DVD set. The package will include live recordings made between 2005 and 2009, along with studio material. Best of all, the set also comes with two posters.

As a press release explains, "KILLL hover on the border between the enjoyable and utterly insufferable and their combination of primal sonic energy and frantic visual cacophony can be directly disturbing to the nerve system... Evoking a state of emotion that ranges from total confusion and emptiness to blissful enthusiasm and a strong sense of belonging."

KILLL will be released on September 15 via Fysisk Format. A video sample of the release is available below.


1. "RID"
2. "SLO"
3. "KAM"
4. "WRA"

5. "RED"
6. "GAT"
7. "BLA"
8. "CHO"
9. "RAV"

KILLL Live DVD, Track 08 from Are Mokkelbost on Vimeo.