Members of Godspeed You! Black Emperor/Silver Mt. Zion Examined in Parenthood Documentary

Members of Godspeed You! Black Emperor/Silver Mt. Zion Examined in Parenthood Documentary
Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Thee Silver Mt. Zion tend to operate with a veil of mystery, but members of those bands are having their personal lives examined in a new documentary. Come Worry with Us! will be out on iTunes on May 13, with a wide digital release following on May 27.

Directed by Helene Klodawksy, the flick centres on bandmates (and romantic partners) Efrim Menuck and Jessica Moss, it examines the difficulties of being a touring musician with a child. Their son Ezra was born in 2009.

The synopsis [via The Playlist] reads:

Singer/guitarist Efrim Menuck and violinist Jessica Moss, both members of the revered Montreal band, Godspeed You! Black Emperor (Menuck is in fact a founding member of the group), had it all figured out... or at least some of it. Partners in love and art, they were making music and a modest living touring in their own band, the extraordinary Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra. But when their son Ezra is born, everything changes. In the age of the digital download, constant touring is synonymous with economic survival. But is the road a place for a toddler? Featuring extensive footage of Thee Silver Mt. Zion performing live on their North American tour, Come Worry With Us delivers a heartfelt depiction of the increasingly complex personal choices musicians — and especially women — have to make in today's music business.

Watch a trailer for the film below. Despite the musicians' connection to Godspeed, this film focuses specifically on a tour with Thee Silver Mt. Zion.

There have been a few Canadian screenings of the film already, and more are coming up this month in Vancouver and Montreal. See the schedule over at Facebook.

Come Worry with Us! OFFICIAL TRAILER from Catbird Productions on Vimeo.