Members of Anthrax, Fall Out Boy and Every Time I Die Form the Damned Things

Members of Anthrax, Fall Out Boy and Every Time I Die Form the Damned Things
In one of the more shocking news tidbits brought to our attention today, Scott Ian and Rob Cagianno of thrash metal gurus Anthrax have started up a "supergroup."

That in and of itself isn't so surprising. It's who the other contributors to this collective are: Every Time I Die vocalist Keith Buckley and Fall Out Boy's Joe Trohman (guitar) and David Karron (drums).

Sure, Every Time I Die aren't much of a stretch given that their own metal/hardcore hybrid has clearly been influenced by Anthrax's own aggressive roots. It's more the fact that these proponents for "real metal" have embraced the poppy emo of Fall Out Boy. Still, we hope it will give the band a wonderful sense of melody.

To us, it smells like some people are striving to latch onto their buddies' commercial success in return for street cred. Or someone filling time since they're "on hiatus," as Fall Out Boy claim to be.

Regardless, the band, rounded out by bassist David Karon, have been dubbed the Damned Things and according to a recent posting by Rolling Stone, they've already got 15 songs written, demoed and ready to record. They aspire to hit the studio by December.

Speaking with news breakers Rock Sound, Ian has also gone on record as calling the band's sound that of, "Kyuss meeting Thin Lizzy... It's super fun and it's something that we do totally take seriously because we love the music we've created." We shall see.

One of Anthrax's better collaborations: