The Melvins Houdini Live 2005

After being invited to play their brilliant Houdini record (their first record for then label Atlantic Records) in its entirety live for the All Tomorrow’s Parties’ Don’t Look Back series, the legendary Melvins struck upon the idea of recording said live performance in its entirety. Of course, since the shows had already happened before that idea struck and they were without a bass player (this was before they recruited Big Business to expand their rhythm section), this was easier said than done. But in true Melvins fashion, they put their heads down, recruited Trevor Dunn on bass (Fantômas, Mr. Bungle) rented a warehouse, recorded two sets, picked the best performed songs from each and voila, Houdini Live 2005 was birthed from the primordial ooze. Fortunately for the listener, Live 2005 is sonically superior to The Fantômas-Melvins Big Band record Melvins afro-ed leader/guitarist/singer Buzz also helmed and, true to its name, features all of Houdini’s 13 tracks, mostly in their original order, performed live from the Melvins. Standouts include the sonic "bull in china shop” fury of "Honey Bucket,” the pulverising, demonic uprising of "Hooch,” the palatable regret dripping from "Going Blind” and the repetitive, drone-y sludge of "Joan of Arc.” Still one of the greatest, most important bands in the game, live or on record, the Melvins here rediscover their love for Houdini, and so should any fan. (Ipecac)