Melon Galia Les Embarras du Quotidien

Melon Galia is a group of Belgian musicians who have been together since the mid-’90s, but are just getting round to releasing their debut album. It was worth the wait though because they make wonderful orchestral pop, with complex, jazzy arrangements that at times they sound like Everything But The Girl in their very early days or even Velocette. I’m sure that the inevitable comparisons to Belle & Sebastian won’t be shunned by the band because those fans are the very people who Les Embarras du Quotidien will appeal to. The entire album is sung in French (apart from one notable exception), but that shouldn’t scare away those who are unfamiliar with that language because the songs are entrancing enough that it really doesn’t matter what the band are singing. The one occasion when some English words are mumbled are when Conor Oberst shows up on "N’en parlons plus,” but Bright Eyes fans needn’t bother because his appearance is inconsequential enough that it would be very possible to miss it altogether. Especially because it is completely overshadowed by the beautiful French pop music that is the perfect summer album for indie-pop fans everywhere. (Grenadine)