Melody Unit Odds Against Tomorrow

The shoe-gazing revival is gathering speed, with more and more bands producing dreamy space pop that was never as popular as some people would have you believe. That's why bands like the Boo Radleys and Slowdive had to develop their sound and let it evolve into something that was more commercially viable. The Melody Unit don't quite keep with convention - their music isn't epic enough to be Swervedriver nor ethereal enough to be Slowdive, but that is what makes it their own. Some tracks have influences that sound almost medieval, yet remain subtle enough to not stray too far from the classic formula. It certainly makes Odds Against Tomorrow, their second release, sound as if it could have come out anytime during the past ten years. About half the album is lovely - male and female vocals intertwine through waves of guitars and noise, and that is where Odds Against Tomorrow works. Those moments are almost worth the price of admission. Their downfall is the lack of focus that is particularly noticeable on the instrumental tracks, where the songs just meander around without going anywhere - if you are going to record a nine-minute song then you really should have something to say and they don't. The Melody Unit is at their most convincing when they are doing the multi-layered vocal thing, because their other songs just aren't memorable enough. Approach with caution and keep one finger on the skip button. (101)