Melochrome This Is Motion

As quiet as a dead mouse, Chicago's Melochrome hypnotises the listeners with their brand of sleepy drone pop. This Is Motion sees the quartet moving away from guitar-heavy songs and exploring a range of beautiful sonic space with their third album. Right from the opening "An Afterthought," a whispery instrumental led by their new-found leader, the Fender Rhodes piano, the mood seems to be set for a nice and relaxing 39 minutes. The vocals of Pramod Tummala and Darlene Poole have a very calming and soothing effect. The atmosphere is almost a perfect place for Sade to perform, created by an enormous selection of musical equipment, such as Moogs, oscillators, filters and horns as well as the standard instruments. It's beautiful and dreamy music that makes you think that you've reached those pearly gates up in the sky. (Loose Thread)