Megasus Megasus

When uniting such diverse backgrounds as Lightning Bolt, Amazing Royal Crowns, Laurels and Scared Stiffs for a doom-inspired metal project, it's no wonder that such a dissonant, experimental sound would come forth from Megasus. Assailing like a strange union of Big Business/Harvey Milk's angular forays blended with a sort of mid-'90s indie rock exploration ― the time when rock bands didn't realize they were aping early Pink Floyd because they had so much distortion going ― this eponymous debut is a swirling attack of seething riffs offset by screeching vocals and drum passages Dave Grohl would have conjured up at his feistiest. Less spaced-out than Nebula but darker than Fu Manchu, not as aggravated as Artymus Pyledriver but certainly beastly, Megasus is a solid psych metal experience. (20 Buck Spin)