MEG Montreal Festival Ropes in Crystal Castles, Lykke Li, Girl Talk and More "Parallel" Pop Acts

MEG Montreal Festival Ropes in Crystal Castles, Lykke Li, Girl Talk and More 'Parallel' Pop Acts
If you've ever gone out in Montreal, you're aware of the city's penchant for late night dance parties. Too often one is asked, "Are you going to the after-party?" even though it's 6 a.m., you're in an abandoned warehouse and you thought you were already at the after-party.

The 11th annual MEG Montreal Festival promises to embody such Montreal nightlife values, with a line-up of shows in Montreal's Plateau, Mile End and Old Montreal neighbourhoods, featuring a ton of up-and-coming and already there experimental indie acts from Canada and beyond. As one of the first music festivals in Canada to promote and nurture the electronic music scene, MEG has worked with artists like French rappers T.T.C, riot grrls Le Tigre and super DJ Surkin in past festivals.

"The MEG Montreal Festival embodies a certain vision of what we refer as 'new' or 'parallel' pop music," explains Vincent Lafrenaye Lamontagne, the fest's Communications Coordinator. "We feel that 'emerging' and 'underground' are old words that lower the importance of the music we promote. We are a forward-thinking festival because we are ready to catch the new market of the digital era."

The festival coincides with Montreal's popular Osheaga Arts and Music Festival, and MEG's Osheaga stage will showcase the likes of Crystal Castles, Lykke Li, the Stills, Girl Talk, K'naan and more.

But, if you aren't planning on attending Osheaga, MEG is offering a $60 access pass to check out all of their other festival shows, which begin on July 27 and run through to August 1.

Exclaim! has teamed up with MEG venue, Le Divan Orange (4234 Saint-Laurent), to bring you three weekend concerts with Canadian forward-thinking music makers like eccentric 8-bit electro-trash DJs BSBTRGDCLUB, slow-poke folk outfit Museum Pieces and mysterious orchestral art-noise act Secret Maker.

A full list of all MEG's acts and dates is available here, but below is the MEG at Divan Orange line-up:

7/30 Festival Launch BBQ -€“ feat. Random Recipe, Cougarettes, Noia, BSBTRGDCLUB
7/31 Pop Montreal Night -€“ feat. Museum Pieces, Silly Kissers, Meta Gruau, Girlguides
8/1 -€“ feat. Qualite Motel, Secret Maker, Luke McKeehan, DJ FunkyFalz