Meek Mill "Ooh Kill Em" (Kendrick Lamar diss track)

Meek Mill 'Ooh Kill Em' (Kendrick Lamar diss track)
Meek Mill's recent Cassidy diss track was overshadowed by a different beef, being that it was titled "Kendrick You Next." Sure enough, the MMG rapper has now let loose a full-blown attack on Kendrick Lamar titled "Ooh Kill Em."

Atop the late '90s swerve of "Forgot About Dre," Meek Milly mimics Eminem's fast-lipped flow before switching to Migos-styled triplets that rip the Compton rapper a new one. "Man you claiming you the king of New York, What the fuck wrong with you," he shouts, referencing Lamar's now infamous "Control" verse.

Mill also makes the dubious claim that his rival's "been in the game like a year and some change," despite Lamar (as K-Dot) has been dropping mixtapes as far back as 2003. It's a pointed jab nonetheless, and you can sample that and the rest of Mill's feisty bars down below.