Meditations I Love Jah

In an age where reggae reissues are painstakingly designed and annotated, a CD appears sporting a plain white label with the Lion of Judah, Bullwackie's emblem bearing the words "The Meditations: I Love Jah." And who would call himself Bullwackie? Lloyd Barnes worked with Duke Reid and King Tubby before heading for New York in the early '70s; he was one of the only players in New York at that time. Bullwackie hit his stride during the early '80s, and a new CD reissue program will expose his artistry to a larger audience than ever before. I Love Jah presents the under-appreciated Meditations in a short but sweet showcase of six tunes recorded in 1982. Their work with Lee Perry is the first thing that comes to mind with these productions, but there is a more diffused, less maniacal atmosphere. Their haunting and sometimes keening vocal sound is couched in billowing fuzzed-out delay. Equally important is the blues guitar work of Barry Vincent, cutting through the mix like one-time Wailer Don Kinsey. Six songs later, after the spiritual "I Love Jah" fades out, all that's left to do is "repeat, and come again..." (Wackies)