Meanstreak Metal Slave

There are times when a band deserve credit for trying even though they have no redeeming aspects. When it comes to metal, the bleeding heart runs tenfold because who in their right mind intentionally plays bad metal in hopes of making it? Unfortunately, when those misguided souls have the gall to perform a parasitic genre such as glam/power metal with limited ability that forgiveness turns to anger and annoyance. Take a wild stab at what's going on with Meanstreak's rough-hewn debut, Metal Slave. Sure, it's great that they're waving the flag of early '80s Priest melded with shit like late Accept, Dokken and whatever other pseudo-metal bands were featured on equally-forgettable horror movie soundtracks of the time but this is so predictable on every level that one has to wonder what the point is. From the wanking solos, overwrought, Dickinson-esque choruses and galloping beats this is predictable schlock that only someone with enough money to go to Wacken would love. And even that's a stretch. Credit goes to them for technical ability but overall, Meanstreak sound like the band created by a bunch of hired guns ― there's no leader with an actual creative spark heading the charge, resulting in something that should have been buried and forgotten ages ago. (Nuclear Blast)