Mcenroe/Pip Skid Disenfranchised 2/Funny Farm 2

Mcenroe starts off this split-EP with Pip Skid by using some sped-up soul vocals and violin on "Big Box (Disenfranchised 2),” his scathing first-person examination of corrupt corporations. He follows with the flamenco-inflected "Too Real (The Realest, Pt. 2),” which details the difficulties and benefits of running your own record label. "For Service In English, Press 2” questions the international role of America over plucking guitar, chanting monks and operatic flourishes. Combined, they’re a sort of trilogy of sequels to songs from mcenroe’s Disenfranchised. "Get Busy” is an organ-heavy, braggadocio track for himself, his Peanuts & Corn label, and all of his Break Bread and P&C mates. "Old School” compares the ethics of the old school with those in current hip-hop over a beat filled with organ, violin, and an "I’m old school” vocal sample that runs throughout. And on his best track, "Captain Emo,” Mcenroe questions the predominant tendency to classify him and his label as emo hip-hop, bragging over soaring strings, "I’m more the opposite, rarely apathetic,” and claiming he’s just building from the roots of hip-hop. Pip Skid’s P&C-anthem "Magnifique 2,” with its groovy track of piano, accordion and more sped-up soul vocals, and "My 1 Mom,” a Father’s Day ode to his mother, are the sequels to Pipi’s Funny Farm. Add "Identity Crisis,” a contemplative, smooth, flute-laced song, and Pip’s diss song highlight, "Barry the Hatchet,” and you’re left with the third dope P&C release to drop in about as many months. (Peanuts & Corn)