Maybach Music Group "Black Magic" (ft. Rick Ross and Meek Mill)

Maybach Music Group 'Black Magic' (ft. Rick Ross and Meek Mill)
On June 26, Rick Ross and his Maybach Music Group will release their sophomore crew effort Self Made Vol. 2. Now, Ross and Meek Mill's album track "Black Magic" has surfaced.

If you've ever heard a Rick Ross or MMG song, you don't even need to listen to this -- you already know exactly what it sounds like. Still, the staccato hihats, haunted house music and Rozay's personification of a celebrity (this time he's David Copperfield) is still a winning formula. In other words, "Black Magic" is the exact song you'd expect, and ultimately that's okay.

Stream "Black Magic" below. If you want to pre-order Self Made Vol. 2, you can do so here.