'Maximum Rocknroll' Is Creating a Comprehensive (and Free) Online Archive

'Maximum Rocknroll' Is Creating a Comprehensive (and Free) Online Archive
Like Variety for the film industry or Good Housekeeping for good housekeepers, Maximum Rocknroll has always been the go-to publication for DIY punks around the world. While it remains the best way to educate yourself on punk culture and get some cool ink stains on your hands, the long-running magazine will soon hit the internet via a comprehensive archive.

The not-for-profit organization has just launched an Indiegogo campaign seeking to raise $15,000 USD in an effort to create a comprehensive database of their record collection and record reviews.

Once it's done, the database will be free to the public, and will allow users to read every review the magazine has ever published. Further, the database will be searchable, so you can easily hunt down the bad review of your high school punk band's shitty demo.

In addition to the reviews, the database will archive all 48,000 punk records in MRR's impressive collection.

To learn more about this exhaustive project, watch the video below. There are plenty of rewards for donating, including rare test presses, exclusive mixtapes and other memorabilia. You can donate to the MRR project here.

The online database is expected to launch in 2017 — 40 years since the Maximum Rocknroll college radio program launched in 1977.