Matthew Dear Returns with New Album

Matthew Dear Returns with New Album
For someone as prolific as electronic mastermind Matthew Dear, he sure doesn't like to put his name on things. The guy has put out oodles of recorded material, but his new album, Black City, will be just the fourth issued under his birth name.

Dear's new album - his first since 2007's Asa Breed - will hit shelves courtesy of his Ghostly International label on August 17 in North America, and a day earlier in the rest of the world.

The album, according to a press release, is "the culmination of years of hard work and experimentation, a darkly playful sound-world that envelops the listener like the arms of a malevolent lover." Black City, it adds, is Dear's "darkest and most engrossing work to date."

A limited edition of the album will reportedly include packaging by design award-winners Boym.

Right now, you can hear the album's lead-off track, "I Can't Feel," at Dear's website, here, for the price of your email.

Black City:

1. "Honey"
2. "I Can't Feel"
3. "Little People (Black City)"
4. "Slowdance"
5. "Soil to Seed"
6. "You Put a Smell on Me"
7. "Shortwave"
8. "Monkey"
9. "More Sugery"
10. "Gem"