Matters "Get in or Get Out" / "Wild Steps"

Matters 'Get in or Get Out' / 'Wild Steps'
More than a name change, Matters marks a musical advancement for the band once known as the D'Urbervilles. Much to the group's dismay, people mispronounced their name so much (i.e., "Doobervilles") they began to have an identity crisis. At the same time, lead singer John O'Regan transformed himself into Diamond Rings, embracing an alter ego immersed in the synth sounds and dance culture fashions of a bygone era, and he's done remarkably well with the personality shift. So, in the that transitional spirit, the D'Urbs are now Matters, and this new seven-inch offers curious hints about their next phase together. "Get in or Get Out" is a tautly woven punk tune that speaks to the jones the band have for Fugazi and the Constantines, being explosive and dramatic. With its electro percussion and O'Regan's suave baritone, "Wild Steps" is far more in line with Diamond Rings than anything the D'Urbs might have released and, if it weren't their for recent ripe-with-Rage-Against-the-Machine-power rock shows, could be a sign of where Matters are headed. As it stands, it's likely an anomaly from a post-punk band looking full steam ahead. (Hype Lighter)