Mathematics Presents Wu-Tang Clan and Friends Unreleased

For an odds and sods remix record, Unreleased actually works as a gritty look at the Wu-Tang Clan and their extended family. With established Clan members like Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, the GZA, Method Man, U-God, Masta Killa and the RZA appearing mostly on some pretty slamming revisions of previously released songs like the off-kilter "Maxine,” the soulful "Wu Banga” and the corny "Da ‘N,’” there’s more than enough room for lesser known MCs to shine. Long-time Wu-Tang producer DJ Mathematics provides some varied soundtracks here that hint at the raw, old school RZA flavour, as well as some unfortunate contemporary production techniques. Tracks like "Where’s Brooklyn At?” are menacing with Bad Luck, All Day and Allah Real rocking verses like they’ve been dying to get at a mic their whole lives. M-Speed, Street Life and Drama thunder through the catchy but disturbingly misogynistic "Eggs, Hash, & Grits.” Raekwon is in classic form on "Treez,” which finds Mathematics conjuring up some Wu-Tang Forever styles, while "Wanna Believe” finds Allah Real and Bad Luck dancing with a romantic R&B beat. The best moments on Unreleased come courtesy of the hungry MCs relishing the expert production, both hallmarks of any classic Wu-Tang Clan effort. (Nature Sounds)