Matamachete Tanin No Kao

Very rarely are a band able to amalgamate such diverse musical tastes as industrial, metal/hardcore and punk rock into something passable, let alone actually enjoyable. Surprisingly though, Switzerland’s Matamachete manage to pull each of these influences together on Tanin No Kao with surprising results. While one may expect music of this sort to wallow in the uninspired, bland territory dominated by PVC metal bands such as Mindless Self Indulgence, with its overall tenacity and venom, Tanin No Kao is firmly based on the aggression and confrontational atmosphere of late ’90s hardcore. This produces what could very well be the strongest proof of evolution beyond Refused’s innovative influx of synthesised interludes and crisp, clinical guitars to hardcore. When melded to Sick Of It All’s beat-heavy attack, it makes for a relentlessly furious affair that is unexpectedly progressive. (D-Trash)