Matador Records Shines a Light on Texas with New Austin-Themed Comp

Matador Records Shines a Light on Texas with New Austin-Themed Comp
Growing rapidly, the SXSW music festival has attracted masses of people and insurmountable hype to Austin, TX every year. The good side of this is that the festival keeps getting better, with more exciting underground bands cropping up in the shadows of the more corporate events. The downside, however, is that the influx of outside music means that many of Austin's great bands go overlooked.

Thankfully, Matador is here to rectify the situation. The label, which has been partially based in Austin for some time, has announced the release of Casual Victim Pile, a 19-track compilation of mostly Austin-based bands (a few are from the neighbouring town of Denton). Eighteen of the 19 tracks are exclusive to this release, and a number of the bands involved have never released any recorded material.

Casual Victim Pile (which, by the way, is an anagram for "Live Music Capital") will be released on double-LP and CD on January 26.

Casual Victim Pile: Austin 2010:

1. Follow That Bird! "The Ghosts That Wake You"

2. The Young "Blister"

3. Woven Bones "Spirits Roam"

4. Flesh Lights "Crush on You"

5. Dikes of Holland "Little City Girl"

6. Tre Orsi "The Engineer"

7. The Distant Seconds "Akron Bureau"

8. Kingdom of Suicide Lovers "Hoboken Snow"

9. Elvis "Mommy's Little Soliders"

10. Love Collector "First 48"

11. Bad Sports "Can't Remember Your Name"

12. Wild America "Drink It Dry"

13. Harlem "Beautiful & Very Smart"

14. The Stuffies "No One's Gonna Miss You"

15. The Golden Boys "Older Than You"

16. The No No No Hopes "Nobody's Fool"

17. The Teeners "Nazis on Film"

18. The Persimmons "The Notice"

19. Lost Controls "Entirely Wired for Sound"