​Massive Attack Debut Two More Songs Via 'Fantom' App

​Massive Attack Debut Two More Songs Via 'Fantom' App
Earlier this year, Massive Attack delivered an EP titled Ritual Spirit after debuting new songs through the band's Fantom app. Now, they've unveiled two more brand new cuts in the same fashion.
Users can currently hear "Come Near Me" and "The Spoils," and much like last time, you can use the location, movement, clock, heartbeat and camera functions on your smartphone to remix the new tracks in real-time.
At the app's initial launch, the band confirmed that they would be delivering two EPs and a full-length over the course of 2016.
Stay tuned for details about the bigger projects that "Come Near Me" and "The Spoils" could be alluding to. For now, though, head over here to download the app and explore it yourself.
Below, relive the Kate Moss-starring music video for Ritual Spirit's title track.