Marshmallow Coast Marshmallow Coasting

Andrew Gonzales's musical journey revolves on the Elephant Six axis that transported him from Denver, CO, to Athens, GA, where he found himself playing with Julian Koster's Music Tapes, and the band Of Montreal. While the Marshmallow Coast has been Gonzales's own project for three albums now, almost all of the members of Of Montreal play a part on Marshmallow Coasting, where they prove to be much more effective in a supporting role. The progression of Gonzales's song craft, from his delayed debut on the Spare Me label to the moderately successful Kindercore release, Seniors and Juniors, reaches an impressive culmination here. His surreal bubble-gum pop hits its mark more often than not and steers clear of the sickly sweet and fey excesses of Of Montreal. Psychedelic swirls and oddly enticing arrangements shape these twisted campfire-ready folk songs. Off kilter melodies and cartoon-ish keyboard plonking conjure Gonzales's musical vision. Like a more refined Music Tapes, or a focused Olivia Tremor Control, the Marshmallow Coast achieve moments of heady pop confection. After a few spins, "Hung Up," "Blow My Mind," "Shimmering In A Bulb Of Glass," "Insane" and "Lil' Fun Machine" will have you firmly in their grasp. (Kindercore)