Marlboro Chorus Entangled

Like any middle American city, Davenport, Iowa has all kinds of undesirable goings-on going on. Thankfully B. Patric has made it his mission to set these moments to music as the leader of the Marlboro Chorus. My biggest complaint about their debut album (which was released last year) was although it was short, some of the songs still felt like filler. So it would appear that a six-song EP is almost the perfect length of release for the Marlboro Chorus because every track is a winner this time around. Apart from the number of songs, not much else has changed since Good Luck was released — Patric is still writing happy-sounding pop songs with barbed lyrics that try half-heartedly to conceal the darker side of life. It worked well for him last time, it still does and there’s no reason to expect that anything is going to change when the band’s sophomore effort appears in the fall. (Future Appletree)