Mark Sultan Taps Members of Black Lips, Gories for 'Whatever I Want, Whenever I Want'

Mark Sultan Taps Members of Black Lips, Gories for 'Whatever I Want, Whenever I Want'
Earlier this year, prolific Canadian garage punker Mark Sultan tipped us off to two new LPs he would be releasing later this year, Whatever I Want and Whenever I Want. While at the time, he dished that the discs would feature "lots of rock'n'roll, psych, doo-wop... some punk, hardcore, garage shit," what he didn't offer up was a release date. Well, we now have some firm release details.

A press release confirms that the two albums will be unleashed as separate vinyl releases via In the Red on October 25. As previously reported, most of the material will show up on an abridged CD called Whatever/Whenever. That's the CD cover above.

Regrettably, tracklistings for the three releases have yet to pop up, so we don't know for sure which songs are being omitted from the CD. We can tell you, however, that Sultan covers an Ultravox song on there somewhere.

While known for his one-man-band performances, the press sheet explains that this time around he's "ditched his normal stripped-down/lo-fi approach in favour of a more full-bodied sound and replaced his one-man recording technique with a complete band." Guests on the recordings include Deerhunter main man Bradford Cox, Dan Kroha of the Gories, Erin Wood of the Spits, and Cole Alexander and Jared Swilley of the Black Lips.

CORRECTION: As Sultan informs us, Bradford Cox is actually not on Whatever I Want, Whenever I Want, despite what is said in the press release. Sorry, guys.