Mark Lanegan, Okkervil River, Alela Diane Contribute to Tim Hardin Tribute Album

Mark Lanegan, Okkervil River, Alela Diane Contribute to Tim Hardin Tribute Album
Tim Hardin's body of work has spawned some well-known cover tunes, including "If I Were a Carpenter" (performed by Bobby Darin, among many others) and "Reason to Believe" (popularized by Rod Stewart). It's only fitting, then, that the late songwriter — who died of an overdose in 1980 at the age of 39 — is being honoured with a covers album.

Reason to Believe — The Songs of Tim Hardin will be out on February 12 through Full Time Hobby. It contains 13 cover tunes performed by artists such as Mark Lanegan, Okkervil River, Smoke Fairies, the Phoenix Foundation, Alela Diane, Sarabeth Tucek, Hannah Peel, and more. See the tracklist below.

Full Time Hobby co-head Nigel Adams said in a statement, "So many people's entry point to Tim has been through cover versions. It felt fitting to bring his songs up to date with contemporary artists approaching his music with the hope listeners would then go beyond the well known and dig into some of the wealth of songs he wrote and recorded."

Smoke Fairies' cover of "If I Were a Carpenter" is streaming below.

This is the latest in the label's series of tribute albums for under-appreciated artists and acts as a sequel of sorts to 2006's Dream Brother: The Songs of Tim and Jeff Buckley.

In some more Mark Lanegan-related news, he and WhoMadeWho covered one another's songs for a charity 7-inch to benefit Amnesty International. Lanegan covered WhoMadeWho's "Below the Cherry Moon," and they returned the favour by covering his "Deep Black Vanishing Train." Learn more and order one of the 1,111 copies here.

Reason to Believe — The Songs of Tim Hardin:

1. The Phoenix Foundation - "Don't Make Promises You Can't Keep"
2. The Sand Band - "Reason To Believe"
3. Mark Lanegan - "Red Balloon"
4. Diagrams - "Part Of The Wind"
5. The Magnetic North - "It's Hard To Believe In Love For Long"
6. Alela Diane - "How Can We Hang On To A Dream"
7. Snorri Helgason - "Misty Roses"
8. Sarabeth Tucek - "If I Knew"
9. Okkervil River - "It'll Never Happen Again"
10. Smoke Fairies - "If I Were A Carpenter"
11. Gavin Clark - "Shiloh Town"
12. Hannah Peel - "Lenny's Tune"
13. Pinkunoizu - "I Can't Slow Down"