Mark Lanegan Announces 'No Bells on Sunday' EP Ahead of New Album, Premieres Video

Mark Lanegan Announces 'No Bells on Sunday' EP Ahead of New Album, Premieres Video
Following a brief period of speculation and the recent unveiling of some new tunes, gravel-voiced alt-rock favourite Mark Lanegan has confirmed that he has both an EP and a full-length on the way this year.

First up will be Mark Lanegan Band's No Bells on Sunday 12-inch EP, which Heavenly Recordings will release on August 25. The five-song mini-release precedes the release of his Phantom Radio in autumn on Flooded Soil/Heavenly, and according to a press release, the EP features tracks Lanegan deemed "too goofy" to put onto the album. That said, the songs will also come packaged in a deluxe version of Phantom Radio later in the fall.

Down below, you'll find the deceptively titled EP track "Sad Lover," a song featuring slight guitar fuzz, electronic washes and a higher-register vocal than we've come to expect out of Lanegan these days.

The EP was written during the same time period as Phantom Radio, with Lanegan constructing tracks for both releases using the Funk Box phone app. "I didn't bother to hook up my 909 and 808 this time, because the app had 'em," he said in a statement. "I'd write drum parts with it then add music with the synthesizer or the guitar."

Though "Judgement Time," which is confirmed to be on the LP, is presented as a grim, guitar and vocal piece, it's hinted at that Phantom Radio finds Lanegan veering into a synthy direction, taking on longstanding influences of krautrock and early '80s new wave.

"That's the music that was happening when I started making music," he said. "And although the [Screaming Trees] drew on Nuggets psychedelia, 13th Floor Elevators and Love, we were actually listening to Echo and the Bunnymen, Rain Parade, the Gun Club. A lot of British post-punk. We loved that stuff. I just waited until I was in my late forties before I started ripping it off."

The tracklisting details for Phantom Radio have yet to be revealed, but you'll find the info for No Bells on Sunday down below.

No Bells on Sunday:

1. Dry Iced
2. No Bells On Sunday
3. Sad Lover
4. Jonas Pap
5. Smokestack Magic