Marina and the Diamonds Garrison Stage, Toronto ON, June 7

Marina and the Diamonds Garrison Stage, Toronto ON, June 7
Photo: Shane Parent
Marina Diamandis — better known as Marina and the Diamonds — first made a splash with her cherry headband contrasting her and her band's all-black attire, but it was her boundless energy and magnetic stage presence that kept the eyes on her. Dancing and singing without so much as taking a breather, Marina and her crew replicated the success of her latest album, Froot, with some earlier cuts sprinkled in there for good measure.
Though her opening number found her declaring that she's "gonna be your bubblegum bitch," tunes including the subtler (but still catchy) "I Am Not a Robot" debunked that claim by showing that she's more than just your average pop singer.
Marina wasn't the only star of her set; though her drummer, Sebastian Sternberg, wasn't afforded the freedom to run around the stage, his exhaustive pounding of the skins was still noticeable behind singer's energetic presence, clearly putting his heart into every pummel. But it was still Marina who worked the crowd fantastically, and made sure that not even a late-set drizzle could dampen the spirits of her ecstatic fans, who sung every word, rain or shine.