​Mariah Carey Just Crushed the Bottle Cap Challenge

​Mariah Carey Just Crushed the Bottle Cap Challenge
Many celebrities have been taking on the so-called Bottle Cap Challenge (or Bottle Top Challenge) in recent weeks, but Mariah Carey just shattered the competition.
As the name implies, the challenge involves the participant knocking a bottle cap off the top of a bottle — usually with a roundhouse kick.
But Carey put her own spin on the task, opting to use her voice as her weapon of choice.
In a video she posted yesterday (July 7), Carey approached a wine bottle, looking like she was about to bust out some kung-fu moves, but instead hit one of her signature high whistle notes and sent the cap flying.
The internet is loving it, which suggests there's probably no point in other people continuing to accept the challenge.
See Carey's Bottle Cap Challenge-winning clip below, as well as some of the most enthusiastic responses to the viral video.