Margo Price's Political New Video for the Synthphonic Version of "I'd Die for You" Is a Sign of the Times

The whimsical visual effort intersperses images of Nashville's tornado wreckage, climate change protests and more
Margo Price's Political New Video for the Synthphonic Version of 'I'd Die for You' Is a Sign of the Times
Margo Price has returned with a new video for her synthphonic rework of her That's How Rumors Get Started track, "I'd Die for You."

The politically-oriented Casey Pierce-directed video sees Price walking through floral arrangements on fire, swimming in rising sea waters and walking through the wreckage of a tornado amidst interspersed images of protests for voter rights and Black lives.

"The message of the song is that we have each other through all this and can be there to try to save each other from some of the evils in the world... this country is called the United States of America for a reason," Price explained in an interview with Variety. "We're so divided right now, and I would love to see people come together and lift each other up and think about what's going on. Because I feel we're at such a turning point."

The new version of the song was recorded after a special pared-down performance at Carnegie Hall. Price liked the live version so much, she set about recording the song again with different arrangements.

"I really wanted to have that version properly recorded, because although I love the album version too, I thought this song really could breathe and stretch out a little bit more in this frame," she told Variety.

The Sturgill Simpson-produced That's How Rumors Get Started arrived back in July through Loma Vista.

Watch the new video for "I'd Die for You (Synthphonic)" below.