Marble Pawns "Hypnostasis"

Marble Pawns 'Hypnostasis'
Bedroom-based musician Graeme Clarke makes music under the moniker Marble Pawns from his home in Victoria, and he's ready to follow up a pair of EPs with a brand new single. You can hear the premiere of "Hypnostasis" right here at Exclaim!
Starting off as the solo project of Clarke, Marble Pawns currently switches between creating music alone and with a full four-piece band, live on the road and in the studio. He describes the sound as a blend of "dreamy synthesizers, cosmically distorted guitar riffs, emotional melodies and pop sensibilities." Woven together on 2014's Preconcscious and this year's Astrophobia EPs, those sounds carry over to the new track.
"Hypnostasis" takes listeners on a trip to outer space, soundtracked by warbling synths and hazy vocal harmonies. Hop on the sonic spaceship and ride along by giving the swirling, psychedelic song a spin in the player below.