The Manhattan Love Suicides Burnt Out Landscapes

Boy, can looks ever be deceiving. If you were to go by their name and blood-soaked album cover you’d assume the Manhattan Love Suicides were just another emo cliché for the black-dye generation to worship but lo and behold, they’re not. And thank heavens for that because this melodramatic group from Leeds, England fixate on the buzz saw fuzz that made the Jesus & Mary Chain start riots. What’s so great about the MLS is how unabashed they are with their sound, as the noise never goes away. With the cherubic vocals of singer Caroline McChrystal, you’d expect a dichotomy between her sweetness and the guitars’ devastating crunch but the two go hand in hand like a greaser and a cheerleader. Burnt Out Landscapes is actually a compilation of their singles and such, which at 27 tracks, runs almost 79 minutes in length. That’s a lot of fuzz and by the halfway mark it feels like time for a break. But compilations aren’t meant to be cohesive listening experiences and so this is satisfying in chunks, especially considering how consistent the tunefulness of all the noise pop is. If you wanted more from Meat Whiplash or wish the Raveonettes didn’t wuss out after their debut mini-album, the MLS have what you need. (Magic Marker)