​Man Arrested at Sum 41's Amsterdam Concert for Stealing 30 Phones

He stuffed them into his bike shorts

Photo: Stéphane Bourgeois

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Jan 29, 2020

Sum 41's European tour keeps getting weirder. The band recently cancelled a Paris show due to fireworks, and now a man has been arrested for stealing 30 phones and stuffing them down his skin-tight bike shorts.
Dutch police were warned about possible pickpocketing, after more than 50 phones were stolen during the band's show in Antwerp a few days prior.
At the January 21 show in Amsterdam, a number of attendees reported their phones stolen and provided a description of the man to authorities on site.
Police blocked the exits, conducted a search, and a 34-year-old Romanian man was arrested and held in custody.
The formal charges against him have not been made public, though it was revealed that he had hidden 30 mobile devices in pocketless cycling shorts that he was wearing under his regular pants.
Hopefully this means that all the victims got their phones back — if they even wanted them after being stuffed into the dude's crotch.

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