Majical Cloudz Get Set for 'Turns Turns Turns' EP

Majical Cloudz Get Set for 'Turns Turns Turns' EP
Majical Cloudz have recently been collaborating with Grimes, and now they're ready to unleash some original material. Their debut album is slated to arrive next year via Arbutus Records, but before then, they will release the 12-inch EP Turns Turns Turns through Arbutus/Merok on December 3.

Written between rural Ontario and Montreal, the release includes four songs: "Turns Turns Turns," "What That Was," "I Don't Believe in Anybody" and "I Want to Warn You." This material is rooted in founder Devon Welsh's solo work, while Majical Cloudz' live show also brought Matthew Otto into the fold.

A press release describes the lyrically oriented EP like this: "The music is minimal yet deeply expressive — a powerful baritone that sits on top of washes of white noise, filtered synths and sparse thuds, traversing a hinterland between sample-based electronic pop and highway-lit, Americana singer-songwriter tradition."

A dreamy video for the slow-burning, atmospheric title tune in below. Its soft focus camera work and overlaid images make a fitting accompaniment for the peaceful track.

Turns Turns Turns:

A1. Turns Turns Turns
A2. What That Was
B1. I Don't Believe In Anybody
B2. I Want to Warn You