Majical Cloudz "Savage" (Tim Hecker version)

Majical Cloudz 'Savage' (Tim Hecker version)
Following the release of last year's Impersonator, Montreal art-pop act Majical Cloudz issued their "Savage." Rather than leave it at that, the track's since been treated to a remix from Tim Hecker.

Speaking with Billboard (who premiered the track), Cloudz main-man Devon Walsh said, "I thought it was cool to have a noise musician or a sound artist do something with the song. I liked it because it's not done in a dance music style — there's no element of remixing it in the way that that word has traditionally been used."

We can't help but agree — Hecker's rework, which adds malfunctioning synth sounds and, of course, lush ambient washes, makes for a fascinating listen. We'd love to hear a whole compilation of Tim Hecker remixes.

Check out Hecker's take on "Savage" below.