Maia Sharp Maia Sharp

It was almost inevitable that Maia Sharp would be a musician. Her mother is a singer, her father has written songs for all manner of famous country singers, and so Maia sings. It would be easy to relegate Sharp to that long list of mundane female singer-songwriters, but even a cursory listen tells you that she has a great deal more talent than most. And her previous involvements with the music industry reflects that - she has co-written songs with the likes of Carole King, Art Garfunkel and Lisa Loeb, and has had songs recorded by Cher, the Dixie Chicks and Amanda Marshall. That also gives a pretty good idea of what to expect: nicely produced, nicely sung songs that are no doubt going to end up on MuchMoreMusic sometime in the not-too-distant future. The thing is that the softness of the album isn't going to come as a shock to anyone, but over the duration of 12 songs there might be a slight narcotic effect even on the hardiest listener. There's some talent here, make no mistake, but don't go in expecting the unexpected, because there is no surprises here at all. (Concord)