Magik Markers/Sonic Youth Offshoot Spectre Folk Return with 'Ancient Storm'

Magik Markers/Sonic Youth Offshoot Spectre Folk Return with 'Ancient Storm'
Last year, Magik Markers member Pete Nolan revisited his Spectre Folk project with a twelve-inch called Blackest Medicine Vol. 2. The four-song release saw Nolan collaborating with Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley, Tall Firs bassist Aaron Mullan and the Grey Lady's Peter Meehan for the first time. Now, that quartet have reconvened to create a new full-length album.

The record is called Ancient Storm, and a press release describes it as "black seas of noise guitar, psych jams, no-fi experiments and other interplanetary gunk," adding that the release offers up "layered, electrified guitar work," "the occasional electrified vibraphone," "beefed-up psych-rock muscle" and "a more stripped-down, guy-in-a-bedroom sound."

To be honest, after reading that description we can't wait to hear this thing and find out what any of it means.

Ancient Storms will be available on July 31 via Vampire Blues. Check out the tracklisting for the new record below.

Ancient Storm:

1. Inchin' Worm
2. Mantraphonics
3. Please Come Home
4. Gyspy Grammar
5. Knife
6. Trees with 12 Bones
7. Display Case
8. Fourth Dimension Refs (Alternate Mix)
9. I Don't Know
10. Lazy Killer Bees
11. I Don't Know (Demo)