The Magic/Interstllr Spinoff Koko Blue Announce Debut Album

The Magic/Interstllr Spinoff Koko Blue Announce Debut Album
Koko Bonaparte and Evan Gordon have already made a name for themselves in the Canadian music scene, the former as the singer of Interstllr and the latter as a member of Islands and the Magic. Now, the two have teamed up to form Koko Blue, and on June 11 will independently release their debut album, Crosses and Planks.

The pair grew up together in Guelph, ON, and are now based in New York City. They laid down Crosses and Planks last summer in Toronto's Parkdale neighbourhood and recorded each song straight through using no edits, punch-ins or metronome.

In a statement, Bonaparte said that their style was achieved "with the most immediate and cheapest setup and playing hard and trying to disappear in the words and in the racket of guitar."

Koko Blue will release a music video for each of the 13 tracks on Crosses and Planks. The band unveiled the first of these with a clip for "Anchor and Swim." This grainy video was filmed by Nora Ruddock at Ontario's Lake Temagami and is a peaceful accompaniment to the low-key track.

See the tracklist below and the album art above. The duo will perform at Brooklyn's Cameo Gallery tomorrow (March 19), and more shows will be confirmed in Canada and the U.S. in due course.

Crosses and Planks:

1. All Your Lovers
2. Anchor and Swim
3. Be Down
4. Summer Lightning
5. Crosses and Planks
6. Born In A Country
7. Gentle Gangster
8. Dreaming
9. Mouchette
10. Salt Water
11. Judas Had
12. Who Goes There
13. Your Love

KOKO BLUE - Anchor and Swim from Koko Bonaparte on Vimeo.