Mag Seven The Future Is Ours, If You Can Count

Featuring members of Descendents, Only Crime, Gwar and others, instrumental surf rock outfit the Mag Seven immediately prove their musical ability on this debut, not just because of past successes but because these songs are well-delivered, tight, punchy and full of enthusiasm. Still, despite a collection of songs that Dick Dale himself wishes he had written, there is nothing truly original going on with The Future Is Ours, If You Can Count, well, aside from amusing song titles like "I Drive Like Steve McQueen,” "Poonzilla” and the ominous "You Thought It Was Rain.” This isn’t to say that the album is by any means sub-par. In fact, it is easily on equal turf to Canadian precursors Huevos Rancheros or rockabilly king Reverend Horton Heat’s instrumental tracks. It’s just that even the greatest twang-y offshoot of "Pipeline” holds few surprises anymore. Let’s just call it "traditional” surf rock fun. (End Sounds)