Madchild Reveals Swollen Members' New 'Beautiful Death Machine' LP, Streams Solo Album on

Madchild Reveals Swollen Members' New 'Beautiful Death Machine' LP, Streams Solo Album on
As BC-based Madchild gets set to release his spanking-new solo project Dope Sick tomorrow (August 28), the rhymer has also revealed that a long-awaited Swollen Members album is in the works with a tentative November release date.

"The new Swollen Members record is basically done. It's called Beautiful Death Machine," the rapper tells Exclaim! "It's recorded. [Producer Rob the Viking] is putting the finishing touches on the songs, and we're just waiting for the guests to do their verses."

Madchild notes the Swollen Members LP was recorded "a song a day" over the summer.

"Thirty songs in 30 days, and we're picking the best 15 or 16 tracks," he explains. "I think that Rob is going to want to cook up a few more last-minute tracks and that's cool. But the main thing is that we have a body of work that we're happy and proud of."

Originally slated for a June release, Madchild's own "deeply personal" 16-track Dope Sick solo effort will be released on Battle Axe/Suburban Noize and features names such as Prevail, DJ Revolution, Evidence and Rakaa Iriscience.

After battling past issues with oxycontin drug addiction -- and losing millions of dollars, along with band momentum, in the process -- Madchild says that he's now "22 months sober" and ready to embark on the next stage of his hip-hop career.

"I was in a time of self-improvement," he says of the anticipated solo record. "I felt like I kept making songs and kept getting better and better. The album just kept getting stronger and shaping into a different animal. Finally I got to a point where I could go on forever where I could keep shaping this masterpiece or say that now is the time to put it out and get the ball rolling."

To hear what Madchild has come up with, you can currently stream all of Dope Sick here on

As previously reported, Madchild is also about to embark on a Canadian tour with Tech N9ne. You can see all those dates here.