Mac Miller "Angeles" (Elliott Smith cover)

Mac Miller 'Angeles' (Elliott Smith cover)
Best known as a super-successful white rapper, Pittsburgh-based artist Mac Miller has been delving into a singer-songwriter side with recent leaks under his Larry Dollaz moniker. Late last month, he dropped a cover of Bright Eyes' "First Day of My Life," and now he's taken on Elliott Smith's "Angeles."

Before you get up in arms and call blasphemy, however, you should note that this isn't a goofy rap remix that pisses all over Smith's legacy. Instead, it's a pretty straightforward, respectful cover built on a simple guitar track and layered vocals.

That doesn't change the fact that Larry Dollaz is one of the worst side-project monikers we can assign to something like this.

Still, if your curiosity has got the best of you, check out Miller's cover of "Angeles" below.