Mac DeMarco's Mom Dishes the Dirt in Mother-Son Q&A

Mac DeMarco's Mom Dishes the Dirt in Mother-Son Q&A
Duncan, BC-born lo-fi wonder Mac DeMarco isn't exactly shy about "Passing Out Pieces" of himself, but a recent Q&A had his mother Agnes offering up a few inside scoops on the rocker's early days.

The interview — conducted earlier this month by FasterLouder, at which Agnes also acted as MC — has the two digging into the vaults to offer up some info on the artist. For instance, Mac bought his first record, Weezer's 1994 self-titled debut, at Edmonton's Blackbird Records.

More spicy is the revelation that the Pepperoni Playboy's affinity for getting nude developed way back when he was a wee dude.

"He's always loved getting naked, ever since he was a little guy," Agnes explained, before the pair reminisced about Mac riding bareback around the neighbourhood upon a toy horse named Pone-Pone.

When asked what the worst thing Mac had ever done was, his mom dropped a bombshell by stating he once lifted $50 from someone staying at their place. "And he went to the store and bought weapons for his friends, because he was being bullied at school," Agnes. "And then I had to go around to all the people's houses, and get the weapons back."

There's way more to learn, from which member of Metallica is Mac's favourite (James Hetfield), to how he likes his eggs (poached), to why Mac and his brother decided to take dumps in time capsules and keep them beneath their beds instead of burying them.

You'll find out all the nasty details down below.