Mac DeMarco Sheds Light on "Extremely Offensive" Collaboration with Tyler, the Creator

Mac DeMarco Sheds Light on 'Extremely Offensive' Collaboration with Tyler, the Creator
A few weeks back, a photo emerged of indie prankster Mac DeMarco and rap rabble-rouser Tyler, the Creater posing together, and rumours swirled that the pair had recorded together. Now, DeMarco has shed some light on what he and the controversial hip-hop star worked on.

"It was a very brief collaboration, not really anything that will show up on any kind of album or anything," he told Exclaim! contributor Vish Khanna for an upcoming Kreative Kontrol podcast. "A little bit of movie shooting — the guy does have a TV show after all. It's just going to be a short thing but probably extremely offensive so we'll see how that turns out."

The two artists have the same publicity team, and they arranged a meet-up in Los Angeles after Tyler became a fan of Mac's music and the two corresponded online. As DeMarco puts it, "I'd already sent him pictures of my naked penis and stuff so I figured that meeting in the flesh was right around the corner."

DeMarco added that he wants to keep new music coming at a rapid rate. "This last year was crazy and I really wanted to get another album out sooner than this after 2," he said. "I think I'm going to do more EPs, do more recordings, hopefully make the tour schedule [less] crazy."

He added that he's got some "strange crap" coming out alongside the album — namely, a piece of drug paraphernalia that makes Wavves' weed grinders seem tame by comparison.

"I'm not sure if this is going to happen — we're trying pretty hard, me and the label — but you know those '70s-style printed mirrors with the fancy frames? Like for the Grateful Dead — we're trying to hook something like that up. Mac DeMarco coke mirrors; God bless it."

His album Salad Days arrives on April 1 through Captured Tracks.

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