Mac DeMarco Collects Demos from '2' and 'Salad Days' on New Vinyl Releases

Mac DeMarco Collects Demos from '2' and 'Salad Days' on New Vinyl Releases
Lo-fi goofball Mac DeMarco continues to be a hot commodity, with the artist announcing another pair of additions to his ever-expanding back catalogue. This time around, he's issuing vinyl versions of demo sessions behind both 2012's 2 and this year's Salad Days.

Captured Tracks will have both collections shipping by August 4, with each release showcasing "demos and sketches," as well as unreleased instrumentals that would later come fully formed on 2 and the recent Polaris Prize shortlisted Salad Days. The sets are further described as offering "a rare insight into Mac's world and process."

Prior to this recent vinyl reveal, 2 Demos had been given a limited cassette release in 2013, while Salad Days Demos was included in the box set version of the album proper.

You can pre-order each record separately or as a bundle here. Also, below the tracklists, you can stream each release in full.

2 Demos:

1. Cooking Up Something Good
2. The Stars Keep On Calling My Name
3. Dreamin' Slow
4. Lonely Shredder
5. Robson Girl
6. Annie
7. Harrison Ford Escort
8. Sherrill
9. My Kind of Woman (Instrumental)
10. Dreamin' Fast

Salad Days Demos:

1. Goodbye Weekend
2. Salad Days
3. Ken The Wolf Boy
4. Passing Out Pieces Of Me
5. Organ Ronald Donkey Water
6. Let My Baby Stay
7. Pepperoni Playboy
8. Brother
9. Potato Boy
10. Go Easy
11. Horse Hot Wee Wee Water
12. Blue Boy
13. Sloopy Lau Lau
14. Avocado Andrew