Mac DeMarco "Young Blood"

Mac DeMarco 'Young Blood'
Adult Swim has been rolling out tracks through its Singles Program, and the latest comes via Canadian indie oddball Mac DeMarco. His song "Young Blood" is available to stream now.

There's a faint undercurrent of wonky rock'n'roll to this quirky pop number. It mixes DeMarco's slippery guitar lines with comically deep crooning, squeaky falsetto, and a strange breakdown featuring an imitation of a sports commentator.

"My friend Jon Lent visited me in Montreal last summer, my apartment was very hot, so we went to Walmart and bought two fans," the songwriter told Interview Magazine. "To celebrate cooling down, we ordered a pepperoni pizza and watched the movie Youngblood with Patrick Swayze and Rob Lowe. Sometime after the movie finished, we flipped on the four-track, and the song came out."