M. Sayyid Outside the Box

With Beans working on his third album since the dissolving of Anti-Pop Consortium, Sound-Ink is finally preparing to unleash the solo talent of APC members M. Sayyid and High Priest with a couple of twelve-inches. First up is M. Sayyid with Outside the Box, a three-song single to prepare the masses for his upcoming debut, also on Sound-Ink. On Outside the Box, he comes off as more accessible than the previous two releases from Beans or even much of the latter APC releases. Sayyid proved to be the resident comedian of Anti-Pop Consortium with his reliance on humorous punch lines and odd comparisons, which makes him less cryptic and more universal. Plus, he’s perfectly willing to reach into the dark areas of the soul with songs like "The Ills.” With that song and "Bent It Dent It,” Sayyid turns out two great self-produced tracks (both also included as instrumentals) but it’s "All the Lights,” produced by Heat Sensor, that sounds the most like an APC song with all the beeps, blips, and a guest appearance by High Priest. Plus Sayyid includes an a cappella of "The Ills” for all you bedroom re-mixers to play around with, even if it isn’t likely to make you the next Danger Mouse. (Sound-Ink)