M.I.A. Says Next Album Will Be Her Last

M.I.A. Says Next Album Will Be Her Last
Following a couple of recent track premieres and an ad campaign with H&M, M.I.A. has announced that she's completed work on her next full-length. Curiously, a tweet about the project also has the artist calling it her "last LP" and wondering whether it will even be released at all.

A trio of tweets from today (May 2) have M.I.A. explaining that she's finished up the as-yet-unnamed new album, her first since 2013's Matangi. She added that she'll be sending the recordings to her current American label, Interscope, this week.

Also brought up in the quick series of tweets is that M.I.A. doesn't currently have a work visa to perform in the U.S. Noting that she can't promote the record without a permit, she writes that the release of the album is "up to them [Interscope]."

As for calling the project her "last album," it's unclear if M.I.A. means it's her last album for Interscope, or her final full-length, period.

Since the start of 2016, M.I.A. issued a revamped version of Matangi's "Boom Skit," uploaded new tunes "MIA OLA" and "Foreign Friend," and premiered the environmentally-conscious "Rewear It" song for a collaboration with clothing giant H&M.