M83, Wolf Parade, Deftones and Our Summer Screens Preview Fill Exclaim!'s May Issue

M83, Wolf Parade, Deftones and Our Summer Screens Preview Fill Exclaim!'s May Issue
The May issue of Exclaim! has arrived, and with it comes an exciting array of exclusive interviews, reviews and features. This month's issue also features our first annual Summer Screens Preview, which has pretty much everything you need to know about this season's biggest upcoming flicks. Sure, the Internet is great, but nothing compares to the feeling of that exclusive, print-only content between your fingers, so make sure to get your hands on a copy today to guarantee you're in on all the latest and greatest in the ever-changing world of Canadian music and film.
To catch your wandering eye, our cover features Anthony Gonzalez, the electronic dreamscape mastermind behind M83. Inside, we examine the evolution of the cosmic electro-rock project, and discover Gonzalez's many time-spanning sources of inspiration that led to Gonzalez's latest project, Junk, and his less-than-optimistic prediction regarding the future of humanity.
This issue's Timeline sees us venturing through the tumultuous history of Sacramento alt-metal quintet, Deftones. We delve deep to paint a picture of the early years of the band, then move all the way forward to their new release, Gore, and finds the band's singer, Chino Moreno, sharing intimate details that defined their past, present and future.
For our monthly Questionnaire, we pick the mind of White Lung's Mish Way, who tells us everything we've always wanted to know about the life of an L.A. punk rocker. Satisfy your curiosity by discovering which live show made her sob, and who hates her more than anyone.

Specific to our May issue is our inaugural Summer Screens Preview, which will prepare you for many a night in front of the big screen this summer. We've got the goods on everything from the most highly anticipated action flicks to the latest buzz in the gaming world. With all of this excitement on the horizon, we promise we won't blame you for spending a few sunny days holed up in the dark with a big bag of buttery popcorn.
For this month's Music School field trip, we hopped the big yellow bus to LAL's DIY Toronto studio, Unit 2, which also doubles as a live venue. The duo show us the ins and outs of their intimate creative space, and provide us with the politically charged meaning behind the title of their latest project, Find Safety.
As usual, the issue is packed to the brim with exclusive interviews. Emerging Montreal pianist Jean-Michel Blais discusses the decade-long road that led to the recording of his intimate new record, Il, while Toronto's own DOOMSQUAD reveal the influence of a new, desert environment on their latest album, Total Time. Revered music video director Director X gives us the details on his first feature film, Across the Line, in which he explores Canadian race and identity.

Black Mountain's Stephen McBean lays out the spider web of questionable origins that led to the birth of IV, while Iranian producer Ash Koosha deconstructs the geometry that comprises his innovative new album, I AKA I. Finally, we chatted with Spencer Krug and Dan Boeckner of Wolf Parade, who discuss the reunion of the acclaimed indie band, as well as the intellectual process that led to the debut by Boeckner's other project, Operators.
Online, you'll find web exclusive interviews with SUUNS, David Banner, Kool Keith, Matthew and Jill Barber, Robbie Fulks and many more, but to get the most in-depth coverage of the latest, greatest music, snag a copy of Exclaim!'s May issue from one of our bright blue street boxes or your local coffee shop, concert venue or record store.